Waterfalls and Crutches and Bears, Oh My! — Our California Vacation

Wheeling to Sequoia

On the second day of our summer vacation, our daughter E fell and broke her foot while hiking on a rocky trail in a remote part of Sequoia National Park.  We were about half a mile away from the trail head on our way back, and we hadn’t seen one other person on the trail when she fell. Attempts to get her to her feet just resulted in screams and tears, and my husband was considering running to the ranger station for help when miraculously another couple appeared around a bend in the trail. The man, a very athletic tourist from England, offered to pick E up and carry her halfway out. And he did. I raced back to get the car as close as possible to the trail head while D carried her the rest of the way down the trail. Consultations with EMT’s and an Urgent Care doctor followed, with the result that E was put into a splint, given crutches, and told to stay off of her foot until we could get home to her doctor.

This was officially the start of a somewhat different vacation than we had planned…

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