Designing Unique Vegetarian Gift Baskets

Creating personalized vegetarian gift baskets gives you the opportunity to show someone how much you care by tailoring a unique gift just for them. Following the four easy steps outlined below will help you do just that.

Vegetarian Gift BasketsStep One: Select a theme. Vegetarian gift baskets are usually designed around a specific theme. Today our theme is the vegetarian cook.

Step Two: Selecting the right basket. While most gifts are packaged in a traditional basket you have the freedom to be a little more creative when making it yourself. For the vegetarian cook try using a large mixing bowl or a wooden salad bowl. Next add a ribbon around the middle and add a decorative bow. You have now created a personalized vegetarian gift basket they are sure to love.

Step Three: Add your gifts. Knowing the intended gift receiver’s personal tastes will really come in handy here. First, choose a few specialized items. These may be a little more expensive but they will be the items that stand out in your basket. Examples of these items include a bottle of wine, special spices, a cookbook by their favorite author, or even specialty coffees. Next add a few smaller less expensive items. This will give your gift basket a fuller look without going over your budget. Items like bamboo spoons, wine glasses, herbs, or recipe cards would work well.

Step Four: Presentation. Take your time to construct a visually pleasing vegetarian gift basket. With all of the hard work you put into your vegetarian gift basket this last step will help to ensure your gift receiver will feel special.

Following these four simple steps will help you create a one of a kind vegetarian gift basket that your special someone is sure to enjoy. They will appreciate all the hard work you have put into creating this unique gift just for them.


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