Hot Skillet Salad

Hot Skillet Salad

I’m on a diet healthy eating plan.  Those of you who just stumbled on this blog are probably now looking at its name and going, “Well, duh!”  But the fact is, I never really talk about my struggles with my weight here because that’s a long and personal discussion, and my writing style is fast and breezy and cut to the chase, er, recipe.  So let’s just suffice it to say that though the recipes I post here are low-fat and most are suitable for any healthy diet plan, there are things in my pantry that aren’t fat-free or low in sugar or unprocessed, and they’ve been known to find their way out of my pantry and into my mouth.  (I’m looking at you, Boca Chik’N and Fruitful O’s!)  No matter how healthy my dinners are (and they really are what you see on this blog), I don’t make any progress losing weight if I eat junk for lunch and between meals.  So I’ve cut out all processed foods, including flour and sugar, which always cause me to crave more processed food. And I feel great!  My new motto is “If I didn’t cook it myself and it doesn’t fit on my blog, I don’t eat it.”  That’s a long motto, but you get the idea.

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